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Event: X-Men Swimsuit Edition! New York, 8/20

On August 20th, All Geeks presents the official Saturday Flame Con 2 party in New York, X-Men: Swimsuit Edition!

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Event: Saturday Morning Cartoons! DSM, 9/2

The nationally touring geek variety show returns to Des Moines for two big cosplay cartoon shows at 10 pm and midnight!

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Event: Low-Key Book Club

Like All Geeks and reading? Join our Chicago book club! We’ll be picking science fiction and fantasy novels and then meeting several weeks later to discuss among fellow geeks.

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all geeks, sunndale pride, buffy, cosplay

Photos: Sunnydale Pride

Photos from All Geeks: Sunnydale Pride unofficial Buffy fan party in Chicago 6/24/16 in Chicago! Photos courtesy Photography.

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Photos: Gotta Catch Em All

Photos from All Geeks: Gotta Catch Em All, unofficial Pokemon party in Chicago 4/29/16 at Berlin Nightclub in Chicago! Photos courtesy

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Photos: C2E2

Photos from All Geeks: C2E2 party in Chicago 3/18/16 at Metro Chicago! Photos courtesy

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