About All Geeks

pink power ranger

Your home for inclusion in geek culture. 


All Geeks is an all-inclusive cosplay series of geeky events created by Adam Guerino in Chicago July 2014.


Events alternate between cosplay variety shows, viewing parties as well as book and gaming nights. Since its inception, All Geeks has gotten bigger by the month, hosted celebrities of geek culture from Phil Jiminez to Dax ExclamationPoint to Jonathan Van Ness and toured across the country from LA to New York to New Orleans.  Previous events have featured different aspects of geek culture from a weekly viewing night of Game of Thrones to the spooky Halloween party and the throw-back show, Saturday Morning Cartoons.


Now in its second year, All Geeks continues to be an innovator in both the geek and performance community. With each event, the shows strive to celebrate source material in entertaining and welcoming ways that are for geeks, by geeks. No matter your sexual orientation, gender identity, or ethnic background, all geeks are welcome at an All Geeks party.